2016 Press Releases

Free refuge programs begin Jan. 3 12/16

Animal Planet film follows duck stamp mania at 'Ding' 12/16

‘Ding’ film offers hope for renewable energy future 12/16

‘Ding’ film investigates truth behind vanishing species 12/16

DiCaprio’s Before the Flood to air at ‘Ding’ 12/16 

Why Just One? documentary to explore sea turtle mortality at ‘Ding’ 12/16 

Mullet documentary jump starts ‘Ding’ film series 12/16

Seed: The Untold Story documentary to explore the future of food at ‘Ding’ 12/16 

‘Ding’ film ​ ​Sonic Sea examines ocean noise pollution 12/16

‘Ding’ Darling announces 2017 film series lineup 12/16 

Ding’ awards $10K in school conservation education grants 11/16

Special ‘Ding’ lecture flies worldwide with ospreys 11/16 

Admire the photography of Clyde Butcher at ‘Ding’ lecture 11/16

‘Wildest woman in America’ topic of ‘Ding’ lecture 11/16

Living with wildlife in the neighborhood topic of ‘Ding’ lecture 11/16

‘Ding’ lecturers to discuss effects of climate change on birds 11/16

‘Ding’ lecture follows a naturalist’s fishing excursions 11/16

‘Ding’ lecturer to discuss ‘CSI for wildlife’ 11/16

‘Ding’ lecture to explore the islands of Pine Island Sound 11/16

‘Ding’ Darling lecture takes ‘twisted’ look at the wilds 11/16

Sobczak, predators wind up ‘Ding’ lecture series 2017 11/16

‘Ding’ lecturer follows mountain lion’s journey 11/16

Cornell collaborator celebrates bird sights, sounds at ‘Ding’ lecture 11/16

 Bird artist, naturalist to share baby birds at ‘Ding’ lecture 11/16 

Save the date Go Wild for ‘Ding’ – Give a Hoot 10/16

DDWS announces ‘Ding’ Days photo contest winners 10/16

Smithsonian Water/Ways exhibit speaker series presents ‘Blue Revolution’ 10/16

‘Ding’ film swims with sharks 10/16

‘Ding’ film captures disappearing glaciers 10/16

‘Ding’ film revisits BP Deepwater Horizon disaster 10/16

‘Ding’ film imagines world without fish 10/16

‘Ding’ film takes trip to Great Pacific Garbage Patch 10/16

Smithsonian Water/Ways exhibit programming presents family H-2-GO Saturdays 10/16

Photographer-advocate John Moran to present during ‘Ding’ Darling’s Water/Ways exhibit  10/16

 DDWS announces ‘Ding’ Days photo contest winners 10/16

‘Ding’ Water/Ways film follows Florida sea turtle’s 25-year journey 10/16

Smithsonian Water/Ways exhibit opens with noted marine scientist appearance 10/16

Refuge welcomes new interns 10/16

Photographer-advocate John Moran to present during ‘Ding’ Darling’s Water/Ways exhibit  10/16

Smithsonian Water/Ways exhibit opens Oct. 28 at ‘Ding’ Darling 10/16

Duck Stamp artists, hands-on workshops headline free Conservation Art Day 10/16    

‘Ding’ Darling’s Water/Ways exhibit programming to feature water quality panel 10/16

SanCap Solar Connect congratulates island businesses, organizations 10/16

‘Ding’ Darling hosts fourth annual photo contest for high schoolers 10/16 

Refuge offers 3 Wildlife Drive free-access days during ‘Ding’ Days’ 10/16 

Live bird presentations, games, crafts highlights of free ‘Ding’ Family Fun Day 2016 10/16

Engulfed art show to accompany Smithsonian Water/Ways exhibit at ‘Ding’ Darling 10/16

Free Wildlife Drive admission celebrates National Public Lands Day at the Refuge 9/16

‘Ding’ Darling extends holiday happy hours for shoppers 9/16

‘Ding’ Darling Wildlife Society promotes intern to staff 9/16

‘Ding’ Darling’s Water/Ways exhibit programming to feature film festival 9/16

‘Ding’ Darling again issues free passes for fourth graders, tops charts last year 9/16

‘Ding’ Darling lecture series visits Subirdia, baby birds, Big Cypress Swamp 9/16

Mangrove cuckoo studies resume at ‘Ding’ 9/16

‘Ding’ Darling Days themes spotlight migratory birds, art, Darling’s birthday 9/16 

DDWS teacher grants deadline Oct. 31 8/16

 Free ‘Ding’ Darling Kids Fishing Derby Thanksgiving weekend 8/16 

‘Ding’ Days 2016 to feature free International Birders Film Festival 8/16

‘Ding’ Darling Wildlife Society unveils new reactive web site 8/16

‘Ding’ Darling’s Water/Ways exhibit programming to feature guest speaker series 8/16

‘Ding’ Darling’s Water/Ways exhibit programming to feature interactive WaterVentures traveling lab 7/16

 Refuge Nature Store welcomes new staff 7/16 

‘Ding’ Days celebrates 2016 Migratory Bird Treaty centennial #birdyear 7/16

Celebrity birders Don & Lillian Stokes return for private refuge birding tours 7/16

 Refuge welcomes more summer staffing 6/16

Doc Ford’s  top “Ding” Days sponsor for 2016 6/16

Refuge Nature Store promotes new manager 6/16

‘Ding’ Darling awards scholarships for environmental studies 5/16

Smithsonian Exhibit coming to ‘Ding’ 5/16 

Save the date for 27th annual “Ding” Darling Days 5/16

‘Ding’ announces free summer programs line-up 5/16

'Ding' tarpon tournament breaks records 5/16

Deadline April 29 for ‘Ding’ Darling summer day camp 4/16

Biking, hiking, crafts for Earth Day 4/16

 ‘Ding’ Darling to host 2016 Federal Junior Duck Stamp Judging for first time ever 3/16

‘Ding’ Darling extends SanCap Solar Connect deadline 2/16

‘Ding’ Darling announces second annual summer day camp 2/16

‘Ding’ Darling announces campaign to purchase Wulfert Road parcel 2/16

Refuge, DDWS honor volunteers 2/16

Registration for fifth annual ‘Ding’ Darling & Doc Ford’s Tarpon Tournament open through April 29 2/16

March 31 DDWS scholarships application deadline 1/16

Go Wild for ‘Ding’ highlights reddish egret 1/16

Refuge welcomes 2016 biology interns 1/16 

SanCap Solar Connect fields strong response 1/16

‘Ding’ film winds up season anti-plastic 1/16

‘Ding’ film imagines world without fish 1/16

‘Ding’ film investigates fate of horseshoe crabs, birds that feed on their eggs 1/16

‘Ding’ film takes trip to Great Pacific Garbage Patch 1/16

‘Ding’ film investigates the global battle over sand 1/16

‘Ding’ series seeks solutions to collapsing honeybee population 1/16

Refuge to air film sneak peek 1/16

Save date for fifth annual “Ding” Darling & Doc Ford’s Tarpon Tournament 1/16


‘The Cove’ film raises dolphin slaughter controversy at  ‘Ding’ film series 1/16