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‘Ding’ Darling’s Water/Ways exhibit programming to feature interactive WaterVentures traveling lab 7/16

Refuge Nature Store welcomes new staff 7/16

‘Ding’ Days celebrates 2016 Migratory Bird Treaty centennial #birdyear 7/16

Celebrity birders Don & Lillian Stokes return for private refuge birding tours 7/16

Refuge welcomes more summer staffing 6/16

Doc Ford’s  top “Ding” Days sponsor for 2016 6/16

Refuge Nature Store promotes new manager 6/16

‘Ding’ Darling awards scholarships for environmental studies 6/16

New Smithsonian exhibit coming to Florida’s ‘Ding’ Darling NWR 5/16

Save the date for the 27th annual 'Ding' Darling Days 5/16

'Ding' announces free summer programs line-up 5/16

‘Ding’ tarpon tournament breaks records 5/16

Deadline April 29 for ‘Ding’ Darling summer day camp 4/16

‘Ding’ Darling to host 2016 Federal Junior Duck Stamp Judging for first time ever 3/16

‘Ding’ Darling extends SanCap Solar Connect deadline 2/16

‘Ding’ Darling announces second annual summer day camp 2/16

‘Ding’ Darling announces campaign to purchase Wulfert Road parcel 2/16

Refuge, DDWS honor volunteers 2/16

Registration for fifth annual ‘Ding’ Darling & Doc Ford’s Tarpon Tournament open through April 29 2/16

March 31 DDWS scholarships application deadline 1/16

Go Wild for ‘Ding’ highlights reddish egret 1/16

Refuge welcomes 2016 biology interns 1/16 

SanCap Solar Connect fields strong response 1/16

‘Ding’ film winds up season anti-plastic 1/16

‘Ding’ film imagines world without fish 1/16

‘Ding’ film investigates fate of horseshoe crabs, birds that feed on their eggs 1/16

‘Ding’ film takes trip to Great Pacific Garbage Patch 1/16

‘Ding’ film investigates the global battle over sand 1/16

‘Ding’ series seeks solutions to collapsing honeybee population 1/16

Refuge to air film sneak peek 1/16

Save date for fifth annual “Ding” Darling & Doc Ford’s Tarpon Tournament 1/16

‘The Cove’ film raises dolphin slaughter controversy at  ‘Ding’ film series 1/16 

Final SanCap Solar Connect Solar Community meeting Jan. 12 12/15

Story of pigeon’s extinction kicks off  2016 ‘Ding’ Darling film series 12/15

Free refuge programs begin Jan. 4 12/15

‘Ding’ Darling closes on land donation 12/15

Refuge Nature Store welcomes new staff 12/15

Sanibel-Captiva Beach Resorts to sponsor 2016 ‘Ding’ film series 12/15

Deadline approaches for ‘Ding’ Darling high school photo contest 12/15

Go Wild for ‘Ding’ to feature ‘eggstra special’ chance drawing 12/15

‘Ding’ Darling lecture series sponsors step up 12/15

‘Ding’ final season’s lecture tackles the Florida Trail 11/15

‘Teddy Roosevelt’ talks to Congress at ‘Ding’ lecture 11/15

‘Ding’ lecture fosters urban conservation 11/15

Conservancy biologist speaks on Burmese pythons at ‘Ding’ lecture 11/15

‘Ding’ lecture takes on invasion of lionfish 11/15

‘Ding’ lecture looks at women’s role in Florida conservation 11/15

Author gives the scoop on the Cross Florida Barge Canal project at ‘Ding’ lecture 11/15

Celebrity birding authors to speak at ‘Ding’ Darling 11/15

Audubon researcher explores plight of roseate spoonbill 11/15

‘Ding’ lecture dips into the sex, drugs, slime of the sea’s weirdest creatures 11/15

Lecture follows reddish egret dance from ‘Ding’ to North Florida 11/15

‘Ding’ lecture looks at rain’s impact on nature, culture 11/15

Ding’ Darling kicks off 2016 lecture series with the Calusa’s plant world 11/15

‘Ding’ Darling lecture series features authors, other experts 11/15

DDWS awards $10,000 in school conservation education grants 11/15

SanCap Solar Connect selects Urban Solar 11/15

Next SanCap Solar Connect Solar Community meeting Dec. 3 11/15

Refuge welcomes season interns 11/15

‘Ding’ Darling extends holiday happy hours for shoppers 11/15

Refuge Nature Store welcomes new manager 11/15

Free ‘Ding’ Darling Kids Fishing Derby casts off on causeway Nov. 28 11/15

Save the date Go Wild for ‘Ding:’ Dance of the Reddish Egret 11/15 

Next SanCap Solar Connect Solar Community meeting Nov. 17 11/15 

DDWS announces ‘Ding’ Days photo contest winners 10/15

SanCap Solar Connect schedules three informational Solar Community meetings 10/15

‘Ding’ Darling announces first Florida community solar power initiative 10/15

Duck Stamp artists, hands-on workshops headline free Conservation Art Day 10/15

Free Family Fun Day kicks off ‘Ding’ Darling Days 10/15

‘Ding’ Darling plans holiday happy hour for shoppers 10/15

Henson puppets, wildlife presentations highlights of free ‘Ding’ Family Fun Day 2014 9/15

‘Ding’ Darling welcomes new interns 9/15 

Free Wildlife Drive admission celebrates National Public Lands Day at the Refuge 9/15

‘Ding’ Darling issues free federal lands passes for fourth graders and families 9/15

 Refuge to offer 3 Wildlife Drive free-access days during ‘Ding’ Days’ 9/15

‘Ding’ Days photo contest deadline Sept. 15 8/15

Free Family Fun Day kicks off ‘Ding’ Darling Days 8/15

DDWS teacher grants deadline approaches 8/15

Ding’ Darling hosts third annual photo contest for high schoolers 8/15

Ding’ Darling Days features theme days 8/15

Celebrity birders Don & Lillian Stokes return for private refuge birding tours 8/15

World-renowned Henson puppet troupe returns to ‘Ding’ Days 8/15

George & Wendy’s Seafood Grille sponsors ‘Ding’ Days 7/15

 Ding’ family film series winds down with Finding Nemo 7/15

Free Family Fun Day kicks off ‘Ding’ Darling Days 7/15

Ding’ Days photo contest is under way 7/15

‘Ding’ Darling studies Sanibel’s endemic rice rat 7/15

‘Ding’ family film series features Hoot 7/15

‘Ding’ family film series features Disney’s WALL-E 6/15

More ‘Ding’ summer staff arrives 6/15 

‘Ding’ Darling awards scholarships for environmental studies 6/15

Doc Ford’s steps up again for 'Ding' Days sponsorship 6/15

‘Ding’ family film follows Florida sea turtle’s 25-year journey 6/15

Refuge welcomes biology intern 6/15 

Sanibel group visits Kissimmee River Restoration 6/15

The Lorax kicks off ‘Ding’ summer family film series 5/15

National Trails Day kicks off free summer program at the refuge 5/15

Refuge welcomes boost in summer staffing 5/15

Ding’ adds family film series to free summer programs calendar 5/15

Ding’ tarpon tournament breaks records 5/15

 DDWS welcomes new assistant for Refuge Nature Store 4/15

Ding’ Darling wins county’s Chrysalis Award 4/15

Deadline May 1 for ‘Ding’ Darling summer day camp 4/15

DDWS funds reddish egret research at refuge 4/15

Earth Day at the Refuge features tours, art 4/15

Registration deadline April 30 for ‘Ding’ Darling & Doc Ford’s Tarpon Tournament 3/15

Ding’ Darling announces inaugural summer day camp 3/15

March 31 DDWS scholarships application deadline 3/15

Upcycle! 2015 at ‘Ding’ Darling features art sale, silent auction 3/15

European journalist team to fish ‘Ding’ Darling & Doc Ford’s Tarpon Tournament 3/15

Ding’ Darling announces high school photo contest winners 3/15 

Save the date for 26th annual “Ding” Darling Days 3/15

Pictorial presentation at ‘Ding’ follows great blue herons in love 3/15 

Girl Scout ‘garbage band’ to debut at Upcycle! 3/15

Earth Day at the Refuge features tours, art 3/15 

Ding’ Darling Upcycle! web page offers sneak peek 3/15

‘Ding’ Darling Advocacy Committee focuses on water quality outreach, announces new members 2/15

Ding’ Darling accepts Brush of Excellence Award 2/15

Save the date for fourth annual “Ding” Darling & Doc Ford’s Tarpon Tournament 2/15

‘Ding’ Darling reveals silent auction items for Upcycle! 2015 2/15

‘Ding’ Darling expands silent auction at Upcycle! 2015 2/15

 Ding’ Darling lecture gets personal with sea turtles 2/15

 Refuge, DDWS honor volunteers 2/15

 Artists juried for second annual Upcycle! Art Fest at ‘Ding’ Darling 2/15

Deadline approaches for ‘Ding’ Darling high school photo contest 2/15

Puffins Trailgate sold out, remote auction open to all 2/15

DDWS board welcomes new members 2/15

Ding’ Darling welcomes new intern 1/15

Refuge welcomes 2015 biology interns 1/15

Trailgate 2015: Dinner, auction items, setting, lecture evoke Maine 1/15

Ding’s’ Trailgate 2015 features puffins, live and silent auctions, Maine cuisine 1/15


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