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Ding’ tarpon tournament breaks records 5/15

 DDWS welcomes new assistant for Refuge Nature Store 4/15

Ding’ Darling wins county’s Chrysalis Award 4/15

Deadline May 1 for ‘Ding’ Darling summer day camp 4/15

DDWS funds reddish egret research at refuge 4/15

Earth Day at the Refuge features tours, art 4/15

Registration deadline April 30 for ‘Ding’ Darling & Doc Ford’s Tarpon Tournament 3/15

Ding’ Darling announces inaugural summer day camp 3/15

March 31 DDWS scholarships application deadline 3/15

Upcycle! 2015 at ‘Ding’ Darling features art sale, silent auction 3/15

European journalist team to fish ‘Ding’ Darling & Doc Ford’s Tarpon Tournament 3/15

Ding’ Darling announces high school photo contest winners 3/15 

Save the date for 26th annual “Ding” Darling Days 3/15

Pictorial presentation at ‘Ding’ follows great blue herons in love 3/15 

Girl Scout ‘garbage band’ to debut at Upcycle! 3/15

Earth Day at the Refuge features tours, art 3/15 

Ding’ Darling Upcycle! web page offers sneak peek 3/15

‘Ding’ Darling Advocacy Committee focuses on water quality outreach, announces new members 2/15

Ding’ Darling accepts Brush of Excellence Award 2/15

Save the date for fourth annual “Ding” Darling & Doc Ford’s Tarpon Tournament 2/15

‘Ding’ Darling reveals silent auction items for Upcycle! 2015 2/15

‘Ding’ Darling expands silent auction at Upcycle! 2015 2/15

 Ding’ Darling lecture gets personal with sea turtles 2/15

 Refuge, DDWS honor volunteers 2/15

 Artists juried for second annual Upcycle! Art Fest at ‘Ding’ Darling 2/15

Deadline approaches for ‘Ding’ Darling high school photo contest 2/15

Puffins Trailgate sold out, remote auction open to all 2/15

DDWS board welcomes new members 2/15

Ding’ Darling welcomes new intern 1/15

Refuge welcomes 2015 biology interns 1/15

Trailgate 2015: Dinner, auction items, setting, lecture evoke Maine 1/15

Ding’s’ Trailgate 2015 features puffins, live and silent auctions, Maine cuisine 1/15

Ding’ Darling hosts Flying Wild teacher workshop 12/14

Ding’ film follows Florida sea turtle’s 25-year journey 12/14

Ding’ film examines swarm intelligence 12/14

Ding’ Darling film plumbs shark habitat, exploitation 12/14 

Ding’ film captures disappearing glaciers 12/14

Ding’ film reveals the buzz on bee culture 12/14

Life of Audubon topic of ‘Ding’ Darling film 12/14

Ding’ Darling airs highly acclaimed 11th Hour film 12/14

Highwaymen chronicler to lecture at ‘Ding’ Darling 12/14

Author explores life of Marjorie Harris Carr at ‘Ding’ Darling lecture 12/14 

Audubon researcher explores plight of roseate spoonbill 12/14

Cuba wildlife documentary kicks off ‘Ding’ 2015 film series 12/14 

DDWS awards $5,000 in school conservation education grants 12/14 

Solar power pioneer to lecture at “Ding” Darling 12/14

Award-winning Everglades photographer to lecture at “Ding” Darling 12/14

Celebrity birding authors to speak at ‘Ding’ Darling 12/14

‘Ding’ Darling lecturer reveals ‘improbable tales’ of real Florida  12/14

Learn better birding through social media 12/14

Award-winning author takes us on a water journey at ‘Ding’ Darling lecture 12/14

Sanibel Captiva Trust to sponsor ‘Ding’ Darling lecture series 12/14

Free refuge programs begin Jan. 6 12/14

Refuge welcomes 2 new education interns 11/14

Tween Waters sponsors refuge’s 2015 film series 11/14

Save the date for second annual Upcycle! Art Fest to benefit ‘Ding’ Darling 11/14

Ding’ Darling plans holiday happy hour for shoppers 11/14

Ding’ Darling lecture series features nationally acclaimed experts 11/14

Ding’ Darling deputy manager swaps jobs 11/14

Save the date: Maine Dinner & Puffins for February Trailgate Party 11/14

Ding’ Darling hosts second annual photo contest for high schoolers 10/14

Nov. 17 deadline for science teacher grants 10/14

Free ‘Ding’ Darling Kids Fishing Derby casts off on causeway Nov. 8 10/14

DDWS announces ‘Ding’ Days photo contest winners 10/14

Duck Stamp artists, workshops headline free Conservation Art Day 10/14

Henson puppets, new game app highlights of free ‘Ding’ Family Fun Day 2013 10/14

Ding’ Days Silver Scavenger Hunt celebrates 25th 10/14

Discover Ding, wear the shirt 9/14

Refuge to offer 3 Wildlife Drive free-access days during ‘Ding’ Days’ 9/14

Ding’ Darling to celebrate National Public Lands Day 9/14

World-renowned Henson puppet troupe returns to ‘Ding’ Days 9/14

DDWS teacher grants deadline approaches 8/14

Ding’ Days offers special free tram tours 8/14

Ding’ Darling Refuge video gives the ‘poop’ on scat 8/14

Ding’ Days photo contest deadline Sept. 15 8/14

Ding’ Darling Wildlife Society promotes intern to staff 8/14

Discover Ding game app premiers for ‘Ding’ Days 8/14

Ding’ Darling to unveil new exhibit on Sea Turtle Day 8/14

Ding’ Days to celebrate 25th 8/14

 Island landscaper lends hand in saving vandalized refuge trees 7/14

DDWS names Giattini special counsel 7/14

'Ding' Darling Prescribed Burn Meeting 7/14

Ding’ Darling Refuge seeks help protecting trees from vandals 6/14

Refuge hosts free Sea Monsters programs with Mote Marine Laboratory 6/14

‘Ding’ Darling awards scholarships for environmental studies 6/14

Doc Ford’s steps up again for “Ding” Days sponsorship 6/14

Refuge welcomes boost in summer staffing 6/14

June brings free programs, exhibits to the refuge 5/14

‘Ding’ announces tarpon tournament winners, proceeds total 5/14

‘Ding’ Darling hosts, educates Kenyan delegation 4/14

Free family programs, Sea Monsters exhibit headline summer at ‘Ding’ 4/14

Wounded vet to fish in ‘Ding’ tarpon tourney 4/14

Sea turtles program with Mote Marine Laboratory slated at ‘Ding’ 4/14

‘Ding’ Darling announces high school photo contest winners 4/14

Earth Day at the Refuge features tours, free biking, arts, trash-talking 4/14

‘Ding’ Darling Upcycle! Art Fest web gallery open 4/14

Clyde Butcher wraps up ‘Ding’ Darling lecture series 3/14

‘Ding’ film follows whale activist’s journey 3/14

TV fishing celeb Peter Miller to fish ‘Ding’ Darling tourney 3/14

‘Ding’ Darling & Doc Ford’s Tarpon Tournament educates, conserves 3/14

Clyde Butcher wraps up ‘Ding’ Darling lecture series 3/14

‘Ding’ film follows whale activist’s journey 3/14

'Ding' lecture explores local amphibians, reptiles 3/14

‘Ding’ film pays homage to extinct bird species 3/14

‘Ding’ Upcycle! Art Fest to showcase Andrew Corke 3/14

Lee County, ‘Ding’ Darling Wildlife Society complete acquisition of historic Woodring property 3/14

Follow the Florida panther’s road to recovery at ‘Ding’ lecture 3/14

Refuge to host summer-long Sea Monsters exhibit from Mote Marine Laboratory 3/14

Go inside Everglades-captured pythons at next ‘Ding’ Darling film 3/14

 Citizen birding next up on ‘Ding’ lecture series 3/14

‘Ding’ Darling welcomes South Seas as accommodations partner 3/14

Refuge, DDWS honor volunteers 3/14

‘Ding’ gets on the map – the Google map, that is 3/14

 DDWS Board welcomes new members 2/14

 ‘Ding’ Darling hosts Fakahatchee Strand biologist 2/14

‘Ding’ Darling lecture to project hope for whooping cranes 2/14

 Save the date for Earth Day at the Refuge 2014 2/14

‘Ding’ Darling film series examines wolves dilemma 2/14

'Loving mangroves' topic of ‘Ding’ Darling lecture 2/14

Special ‘Ding’ lecture explores nutrient pollution 2/14

Save the date for third annual “Ding” Darling & Doc Ford’s Tarpon Tournament 2/14

Magnificent frigatebird tracking topic of ‘Ding’ Darling lecture 2/14

‘Ding’ Darling to air March of the Penguins 2/14 

Tarpon Bay Explorers tops $50,000 in ‘Ding’ contributions 2/14

‘Ding’ announces menu, new auction items for Trailgate Party 2/14 

Deadline approaches for ‘Ding’ Darling high school photo contest 1/14

Re-enactor brings Audubon to life at ‘Ding’ Darling 1/14

‘Ding’ Darling Film Series celebrates Sanibel’s natural legacy 1/14

Celebrity birding authors to speak at ‘Ding’ Darling 1/14

Trailgate 2014 features roseate spoonbill, live and silent auctions, tailgate food at ‘Ding’ 1/14

March 31 deadline for ‘Ding’ student scholarships 1/14

Refuge welcomes new education intern 1/14

Discover ‘Ding’ app to combine learning, technology, fun 1/14

Refuge welcomes biology interns 1/14

‘Ding’ Darling Film Series delves into the ocean’s deepest mysteries 1/14

‘Ding’ lecture reverts to old Sanibel 1/14 

‘Ding’ lecture series opens with law-breaking tales from the Florida backwoods 1/14

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